Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Couples therapy is a model with over 40 years of research proving its effectiveness and Dr. Rojas is one of the few therapists in the Boston area to have completed the Level III Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  Allow Dr. Rojas to help you not only avoid the pain and expense of divorce, but also get your relationship to a place where you are best friends again.  Learn to resolve conflicts in a calm and productive manner and restore the passion and vision that you once had for your lives together.  Dr. Rojas has worked with couples where one or both partners have a trauma history, personality disorder, sex or other addiction, anger management/emotion regulation issues, need help with affair recovery, have grown apart, are struggling with infertility issues, and much more. 

She will meet with you jointly and individually, have you take a 480 question relationship assessment online through the Gottman Institute, and draw from over 50 interventions developed by Gottman to address your specific relationship needs.  Even if your partner is not willing to come in with you, Dr. Rojas can still help you dramatically improve your relationship.